luni, 5 ianuarie 2009

Malta, newfound love "on the rocks"

The Mediterranean lashes the rocky shore at this time of year, as the waves tend to rise a bit higher, splashing the sidewalk.
I like Malta...and that sounds a bit dumb, cause i haven't heard of anyone who would hate it:).
I spent a week there only to discover that the tiny island is not really so tiny, that it also has 2 sisters, Gozo and Comino, and that people tend to get so impressed that they would empty their lifetime-savings bank account (in a time of recession!) and go buying property in Malta.
I fully understand the urge to do that...I just don't have the lifetime-savings to cover the costs...just yet:) ( I plan to play the lottery though).
The island has the perfect concentration of history, culture, amazing scenery, fine people and slow paced life ---just what the doctor ordered for vacation.
And since I liked it this much, mind you, I'll never say no to another week of concentrated Malta, served "on the rocks":)). .

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  1. Sounds really nice...glad you had such a great time and also relaxing in the same time...I know how much you needed it :D
    PS: Watch out because these days I will call with a BOMB news :P