sâmbătă, 30 mai 2009

How UNICEF earns all that money

Unicef gathers huge funds and resources, year round, and the paradox is that no matter how much they raised, it is never enough to help everyone.

I have been taken by surprise by a beautiful thing they did recently: I have received a letter of appreciation of my efforts to support the campaign to help Bangladesh children. I must say I have done extremely little...the minimum I could do: support the campaign on Facebook and mentioning it on Twitter. And still, for that little effort, I have got a signed and stamped letter of appreciation. Now...THAT makes it clear to me how they gather the funds, and it also gives me a large amount of trust that they will know how to manage that money best.

On June 1st, UNICEF Romania will be be focused on the TV show fund raise: http://www.unicef.ro/teledon/donatie.php, so I will just take the opportunity to say Thank you for what you do! !

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