sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2009

Chocolat -- a matter of "taste over matter"

Been to Chocolat recently (the one on Victoriei), perfectly inserted in the scenery of the "cool spot" Bucharest.
I have a number of places where I enjoy moments with friends and I come back for more, every time for a better experience with "les createurs de gout".
I like the Lipscani area, although most of the business owners over there have no idea what "repeated business" can mean to them, especially when it doesn't...repeat...

After a 30-minutes-delayed salad, served as if customers represented some sort of turbulence that needed to be overcome with a grin, I was craving for something sweet and ...special.
I had in mind, yes, Chocolat, with a shade of nostalgia for a place in Paris where I tasted the best chocolate ever...

Chocolat in Bucharest is all about taste. From the very moment you step in and the waitress looks like a porcelain doll, to the exquisite offer of goodies, to the atmosphere, the smell of tea and the availability of the beer made by Belgium monks...

Yesterday I have witnessed a moment that had never happened under my eyes in Chocolat, but it was a confirmation experience, actually, and this is what drove me to write this post. The porcelain-waitress dropped a glass of beer on the new pair of jeans of a gentleman at the table next to mine.
The guy immediately reacted, protesting in an angry tone, but not aggressively towards the girl...I noticed her move away with an embarrassed look and then returning with another glass of beer, a cake and a whispered apology.

In a matter of few minutes, every trace of the "nano-disaster" had disappeared, the guy was laughing with his friends about it, the girl was smiling and serving French customers and I have felt as if I were somewhere safe, close to Land of Tolerance and Common Sense.

It feels good to see that Bucharest has this type of places, this type of staff, this type of customers...I will not think of emigrating every two days now...maybe I will think of it, every four days, though...

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