miercuri, 24 iunie 2009

@Twitter, I love you!

Image courtesy of James Reeve

...and really I do...and if I could write a song, I'd dedicate it to you.

Today I experienced the proof that social networking is not simply a past-time meant to drive some IT admins up the wall (although they rarely care what you do, as long as their boss doesn't complain).

A while ago, as I was sitting in a half-furnished office in India, talking to two of the most professional people I know, I had an idea that i promised I would turn into reality.
The idea was fun and catchy...and most importantly...innovative.

So there I am, going back with my little treasure bud in the head, asking around who can help, getting everyone and everything together, brushing off the asperities and creating the final proof of concept.

Days later, a guy connects with me in LinkedIn, I realize he was a person I should have met, back in India, and he follows me on Twitter.

His profile is intriguing, so I browse around a little bit and I find out he likes music, as much as I do (and I am fanatic!!)...and he can also play the music he likes..

So I get his music and sign my presentation in an original manner :)...oh yeah, I used it as a background for the pitch.

Bottom line: there is no pitch like a personal pitch, and there is no better reference for detail than a social network that a person uses regularly.

So, at the end of this day, dear @Twitter, I love you....

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