joi, 21 august 2008

My Very Own Resilience Factor

You know the gum balls that you poke with your finger and then they swell back to normal?
Sometimes I feel like such a ball.
My resilience factor has been trained in time. I just wonder if this happens to all, and it is part of the maturing process. Then again, it might just be a question of nuance; we're all more or less hard core, and some of us hit the absolute superlative.
The expression "Not made of stone" is also something to study in the matter...Stone does get eroded, it gathers moss and is often hit by half-intelligent individuals -- so, resilient as it may be, even stone has its soft points:).

Conclusion: I have observed how my resilience factor has done the good and the bad. Out of all the experiences, I have learned a lot. I am not ready to give up on the resilience factor just yet, and when stone is not hard enough, we'll insert diamonds in the picture.

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