sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009

The Curious Case of ...Getting What I Wish For

Like any lucky human being...I dream, hope and wish for a lot...The usual stuff. Don't think I wish for the castle in the South of France, or winning the Singapore lottery...cause i don't!:D
Lately, I did wish for a number of things...and some of them popped right into my face, as if they were the result of a request I had made to the goldfish.
You know what? It's scary!
At times I remember the words of someone I love: If you get to win the lottery, you might as well start to be scared, cause your allocated amount of luck in this world might as well be over. So i don't want to win the lottery!

Still, I wish to be happy, and see everyone around me happy, every day, if possible...and let the goldfish find the way to achieve that, ok?

A year ago I really wanted to get here...and I am one month away from it:)

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