luni, 27 aprilie 2009

Going to Delhi

I wrote the following on the puke bag from the plane ---which makes it a unique piece of text, as this is the most dignified use I have found for the plane puke-bag, so far.

I have transited Paris. CDG. For crying out loud, that airport is a freakin' maze and I have thanked my mother every 5 minutes for teaching me French. Try speaking English with the staff there and you get the cold shoulder as bonus to the bus ride that will take you to an alleged terminal,that proves to be another bus stop for the next ride. And just when you thought it was over....guess again, mate! You're in for another bus ride, that is supposed to take you to the plane, but there is no parking space over there, so the driver leaves you in the middle of the runway, in pouring rain, with a satisfied grin of punishment for the fact that YOU HAVE NOT USED FRENCH WHEN YOU ADDRESSED HIM.

By this time...I was already praying (IN FRENCH!) that the plane I was heading for was the right one, and that my luggage had developed artificial intelligence that would guide it to the monster-craft taking us to New Delhi.
Looking back on the last 24 h, I realized that I have had my fair share of weird stuff, so I decided to relax a bit, sit down and simply wait for the next bus...
Then there's my regular weird encounter of the day -- a must-happen to all people (if it doesn't go ignored).
As I was counting my contradictory feelings I had about this trip, a guy sat next to me and asked me if I was on the same flight that he was on...I add one more contradictory feeling to the list compiled minutes before, and I reply that I surely am..if he was going to Delhi...

Once on board, the gentleman (of Indian origin, elderly, currently living in the UK) discovered that he had a seat in the front, while I had a sit in the back of the aircraft. One hour later, the guy unveiled for me his experience, his choices, his career.

I learned more about India more than I would have ever asked for...

He told me I have a good future ahead...and I realize he may have complimented me before ...but I have always had selective hearing:)

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